Enhanced Thermal Performance with Logix ICF

We all know that insulation is a major factor in contributing to an energy efficient, comfortable building. However, in terms of energy efficiency the performance of a wall is not solely dependent on the insulation’s R-value. This fact is supported when you consider buildings with exterior walls made with insulated concrete forms (ICFs) require 44% less energy to heat, and 33% less energy to cool, compared to wood framed walls of similar R-value according to one industry study. ICF walls contribute to a much more energy efficient building than framed walls due to continuous insulation, air tightness, and thermal mass. ICFs are the only wall types that inherently encompass all three properties. Logix ICF and the ICF Effect are discussed in detail in our Thermal Performance Whitepaper.
With the best R-value per wall thickness, Logix Platinum SeriesTM  provides all of the above and more thanks to millions of graphite infrared absorbers and heat reflectors that reduce thermal conductivity. Plus Logix Platinum Series is the only ICF in the world certied by GreenguardTM  for healthier living. For an R-value that doesn’t pretend to be something its not – while being top in the market – Think with Logix.

Logix ICF Moulder ‘AMC Foam Technologies Inc.’ Breaks Ground On New Manufacturing Facility

Logix ICF is very pleased to announce the fall of 2013 opening of a new 115,000 square foot state of the art office and manufacturing facility by AMC Foam Technologies Inc. This new AMC headquarters is designed to be smart and sustainable, and is located at Headingley Business Park, in Headingley, Manitoba. The technology-enhanced and energy-efficient facility will comfortably accommodate the growth in staff and manufacturing capacity that will be required over the coming years. With cutting edge production, warehousing, and loading facilities AMC Foam will continue to provide their customers with the highest of quality products and services in the industry.

Since 1995 AMC Foam has produced high performance, value added and engineered products made from expandable foam plastics. A long and storied family history within the industry, stretching back to the 1960’s, has provided AMC Foam with the experience and knowledge of equipment, resins, and ancillary machinery that are second to none. AMC Foam continues to work with researchers, scientists, and inventors to turn innovative ideas into quality products that make a difference.

“Everyone at AMC is excited about our new facility and our future”, states Tom Smerchanski, President and founder of AMC Foam Technologies. “Our new home will provide the environment for our employees to harness the power of our ever-improving in-house technology to better meet our clients’ needs within the rapidly changing construction industry.

As Logix ICF continues to grow so do our manufacturing facilities. In 2006, Logix moulder Beaver Plastics moved into their new expanded facilities in Edmonton. In 2013, AMC Foam Technologies will move into its new home. More Logix expansion news to follow!