The Logix Net-Zero Approach

In our previous post ‘What is Net-Zero’ we talked about what net-zero means, and gave it a simple yet precise definition:

 “a net-zero house produces as much energy as it consumes on an annualized basis.”

Now that the definition has been provided, let’s talk about how we think net-zero can be achieved.

The Logix ICF Net-Zero Approach

  • We start with a Logix ICF Net-Zero Ready building envelope. This can reduce the HVAC by 40-60% when you combine a Logix ICF wall with other super-efficient wall components. Since Logix ICF walls are so incredibly airtight, a ventilation system for replacement air is integrated into the design.

A Logix ICF net-zero home.

  • We suggest that as you outfit your Net-Zero Ready home with appliances you should to choose the most energy efficient models on the market as well as make an effort to use renewable sources of energy whenever possible. As time goes on and more advanced appliance designs and sources of renewable energy become available you’ll want to incorporate them into your home.
  • Lastly, in order to make your house truly net-zero, we reccommend offsetting the remaining energy load with a green energy source and use existing fossil fuels as sparingly and efficiently as possible.

Harvesting energy via roof solar panels.

If you’re interested in learning about all of the advantages of a Logix ICF Net-Zero Approach please peruse our Designing Net-Zero Homes with Logix whitepaper where the benefits are outlined in detail.




What is Net-Zero?

Since its inception Logix Insulated Concrete Forms have been used across North America to build thousands of energy efficient, durable and comfortable homes and buildings of every shape and size.

In the last decade we’ve witnessed the emergence of the rising Green Building tide which has changed the face of construction around the world. Construction methods have revolutionized, building codes are becoming more stringent and, now, net-zero homes and buildings are at the cutting edge of Green Building.

What is Net-Zero?

Stated most simply: a net-zero house produces as much energy as it consumes on an annualized basis.

Net-zero builders gravitate to Logix ICF because they need durable super-energy efficient building envelopes that are quick and easy to build. Although every home is different and every builder and designer has their own unique approach, along the way we’ve gained considerable insight into the best practices for net-zero building. Many net-zero homes have already been built using Logix ICF.

Net-zero homes are the way of the future, and Logix ICF can help you be ready for tomorrow, today.

Would you like to live in a smart, comfortable home that’s net-zero ready? Think with Logix.

For a more detailed review of net-zero homes, and how Logix ICF can help, take a look at the Designing Net-Zero Homes with Logix whitepaper.