Logix Project Awards Entry: The Northern Utah Fire Command Center

“The project was designed to be as sustainable as possible.  The goal was to produce a LEED gold building.  Many factors were considered to obtain this, but all of which quickly centered around an ICF block building which would give sustainability options without limits.”

  • ICF Installation Time: 60 Days
  • Total Construction Time: 300 Days
  • Time Saved by Building with ICFs: 30 Days

“The inclusion of the ICF system was of critical importance to the sustainability and the energy performance of the building.  The continuous insulation and high R-Value contributed immensely in achieving the lofty goals that were set for the building envelope.  The ICF system will benefit the owner for years to come as their energy costs are at a minimum.  Using this system was an environmentally responsible choice.  This project is certified as LEED Gold. (Jason Evans SCOTT P. EVANS –

“This beautiful award winning building, located in a highly visible location along the I-15 corridor. It features a modern design and floor plan. It was designed with bright/vibrant colors that are appropriate for a fire dispatch center.  Large swooping roofs
slope to a single point on the horizon line and to which all lines parallel to the viewer and perpendicular to the horizon line converge at the front entrance of the building.”

— All of the above comments are exerpts from the official Logix Project Awards entry for the Northern Utah Fire Command Centre.


This year we have five awards up for grabs:

There are three categories of Logix Project Awards:

  • Most Outstanding Small Residential Project (Under 2500 sq ft)
  • Most Outstanding Large Residential Project (Over 2501 sq ft)
  • Most Outstanding Commercial Project

There are two Logix Promotion Awards in 2012:

  • Most Outstanding  Local Logix Show Booth
  • Most Outstanding Web-Based or On-Line Logix Promotion

Email info@logixicf.com for details and entry information.


Defend your Home from Nature

An ICF built home that survived Katrina, one of the worst hurricanes in American history.

The state of a person’s home has been known to physiologically influence their behavior, emotions and overall health.

As we continue to rebuild in the paths of hurricanes and tornadoes, stronger and more durable building materials than traditional framed or masonry wall construction need to be considered. These buildings need to be more resistant to extreme wind events than what is currently required by building codes. Due to its many benefits, Logix ICF has been gaining popularity in the building industry as an alternative to framed or masonry construction and has proven to be quick and easy to install while providing the built-in insulation and vapor barrier. The thick rigid foam insulation and concrete core also creates a high energy efficient wall system. The added benefit of a solid reinforced concrete core protected by a layer of rigid foam makes Logix ICF one of the strongest, most durable wall systems available, and ideal for buildings and safe rooms in high wind-prone regions.

“A lot of people who don’t have a home to go back to, a lot of property destroyed,” U.S.
Sen. Bob Menendez.

In the wake of hurricane Sandy for which the damage was estimated at more than $50 billion, it’s time to turn to a technology that’s ready for the tests of today, and tomorrow. A Logix ICF wall is strong enough to defend your home against the strongest foes of nature.

A home is an integral part of your family’s health and well-being. Wouldn’t you want to protect it? Think with Logix.