Five Great Reasons To Visit Logix At The World Of Concrete!

The World of Concrete Show is being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from January 21-24 and Logix ICF is exhibiting in the North Hall at booth N1154. Please drop by a for visit – we have lots to show you!

Here is a sneak preview of five Logix highlights at WOC:

#1 – We’re launching an incredible new window buck system at the World of Concrete and it’s a quantum leap from every other existing ICF buck out there!

#2 – No one has a built-in interior drainage layer except for Logix – check out the Logix D-Rv display!

#3 – Meet Al Peterson – Al has just joined Logix as our Director Of Commercial Solutions. No one knows commercial and tall wall ICF construction better than AL! Chat with Al and learn about the secrets of ICF tall wall construction.

#4 – Why were almost 100 Mid-Rise Multi-Family buildings built with ICF’s in a single city over the last decade? Logix was used to build many of them – view our WOC slide presentation to find out why!

#5 – Absolutely no one has an app that enables you to create engineering, rebar and lintel solutions on the jobsite – except for Logix that is! Test drive our brand new Logix One Minute Engineering App!

New Director Of Commercial Solutions Joins The Logix ICF Team

Logix Insulated Concrete Forms Ltd. is very pleased to announce that AL Peterson has joined the Logix team in the capacity of Director of Commercial Solutions.

Al’s role will be to generate and support tall wall, mid-rise multi-family and all other types of commercial projects across North America.  Al will play an integral part within the 30 member Logix technical solutions team to provide full design and implementation support to all commercial project stakeholders.

Al started in the construction business in 1976, and has been involved with ICF construction since 1993, starting with custom homes and small commercial projects. In 2002, Al was introduced to the ICF Tall Wall construction business. Since then Al has been involved in over 130 commercial ICF projects and has particular expertise with large military projects and commercial tall wall projects with walls in excess of 50’ using the unique and proprietary Uniscaffold ICF Tall Wall Scaffold system.

Al’s extensive experience in the residential and commercial ICF markets has given him a wealth of knowledge to share with clients.

Al can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at 1-208-791-5624.



Dream Home’s Bones – Disaster Resilience – Wind Storms

Air may be invisible, but it is certainly not immaterial to our comfort. We want good, clean air inside our houses. On the other hand, we don’t want air leaking through the building envelope. And when wind storms huff and puff around our houses like the big bad wolf, we need protection from that same air.

logix wind top

To understand the behavior of air movement, or wind, imagine it as water. Where it flows up against a house, it becomes a positive pressure, trying to push into any little crack or gap. On the backside of the house, a low pressure or suction is created, pulling on the walls. In a strong, swirling current, the house is caught in the middle, buffeted about and twisted like toffee in a swirling wind.

And the damages? In high winds, houses can be yanked from the foundations, roofs can be blown off, and walls can collapse like dominos. Building codes provisions call for protective measures like shear walls, wall anchors and roof strapping. But protecting a wood frame home with all these additional pieces of hardware is time consuming and costly. It is a bit like slapping on Bandaids to a very fragile skeleton.

The reinforced concrete of a LOGIX wall is inherently a sturdier structure and provides the wind protection with no extra work or additional parts. Concrete provides the strength, and the reinforcing steel anchors the walls to the foundation and binds the corners together. It makes for good solid bones.


The Logix ICF home that stood up to Hurricane Sandy and protected a full family.

Even the wolf in the three little pigs story figured out that a solid wall is better than straw or wood. One the greatest dangers of tornadoes and hurricanes is the airborne debris swirling about in the high speed winds. When one of these airborne missiles punctures the shell of a house, the windward pressure can blow the house up like a balloon and pop off the roof.

Research conducted by Texas Tech University’s Wind Engineering Research Center replicated the tornado conditions, hurling debris at 250 mph at a variety of wall types. Only the concrete wall systems survived the test with no structural damage. The missiles shot right through the wood frame walls.

And the best part of it all? The solid concrete air barrier not only protects from one time high wind events, but it also helps save energy every single day by keeping homes airtight.
So build a good solid concrete frame, strap on the roof nice and tight, and let the storm rage on.

Watch Logix ICF On Canadian Network TV Or Online!

Bryan Baeumler, star of the hit HGTV franchise House Of Bryan, selected Logix Platinum Series for the construction of his new home which will be chronicled in the 16 episode series House Of Bryan 3 – “In The Sticks” which premiered on HGTV Canada  on Sunday December 14th at 9:00 PM EST. The 16 part series is being broadcast as 2 episodes per Sunday night, for eight consecutive Sundays. There will be re-broadcasts of this show throughout the year, as well as “marathons” and other special events.

Previous episodes are available for online viewing now. Subsequent episodes will be posted on-line as they are broadcasted. Logix has been featured prominently and even featured a on-screen appearance by Logix VP Kurtis Chapman.

LOGIX_BryanB halfpg ad nat_ph# 7 x 4.875_withcrops (1)

In Canada, episodes 1 – 6 can be viewed online here:

(Online viewing in the USA will not be available until the series airs in the USA)

Be sure to check out episodes #7 and #8 which air 9:00 PM EST on HGTV this Sunday January 11th.