Hodas Net Zero Home proves anyone can have high quality Logix ICF construction without compromise!

Homeowner Troy HodasA HERS rater for many years and Certified Passive House Consultant in New York State, homeowner Troy Hodas knew he wanted a quality built home for his family that didn’t compromise on comfort, indoor air quality or energy-efficiency. He also wanted a home that would last for generations to come.

Troy chose to build a high performance, net zero Logix XtraComfort™ Home, constructed with Logix Insulated Concrete Forms.

Hodas Net Zero Home



A Net Zero Energy home produces as much energy as it uses on an annual basis, depending on occupant behavior. In terms of technology, materials and efficiency standards, net zero homes are about 15 years ahead of where the building industry is today.Hodas Home 2

This single family, 2-story home with finished basement was constructed with Logix Platinum Series R-28 plus D-Rv R-8 insert panels, providing incredible R-36 walls. Logix Pro Buck™ was also used in all window and door openings for complete thermal stability within the home.

Hodas Home 3Well, the proof is in the pudding — recently at the Hodas home, the power went out for five hours while the temperature was a chilly 28 degrees F outside. The inside temperature of the home was 69.8 degrees F when the power went out and was an incredible 69.4 degrees when the power came on five hours later!

The Hodas Net Zero Logix XtraComfort™ Home won 1st Runner Up for Most Outstanding Small Residential Home at the 2017 Logix Awards!


Submit Your Project for the 2017 Logix Awards!


2017 Logix Awards header
It’s that time of year again to recognize the best of the best in residential and commercial Logix ICF construction. The submission process for the annual Logix Awards is on now! The deadline to send in your submission(s) is March 10, 2017.

There are four categories to submit your Logix ICF project(s) to:

  • Most Outstanding Small Residential Project (SFD 3,000 sq. ft. and under)
  • Most Outstanding Large Residential Project (SFD 3,001 sq. ft. +)
  • Most Outstanding Commercial Project
  • Most Outstanding Multi-Family & Hospitality Project

A Winner and First Runner Up will be recognized in each category and will receive:

  • a beautiful wall plaque for your showroom or office; and
  • a footer for your emails identifying your company as a Logix Awards winner.


The primary installer or Logix dealer associated with each category Winner will also receive up to a $1,000 value in art design services toward the development of custom promotion of your Logix business in your local market area.

Submitting your project to the 2017 Logix Awards is easy!

Any Logix project that has been completed by the entry deadline is eligible! Just complete a submission form for each project you wish to submit and send it in.

Download the 2017 Logix Awards Submission Form & Rules (PDF version).
Download the 2017 Logix Awards Submission Form & Rules (MS Word version).



Logix Announces Launch of XP-1

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our newest product line: XP-1!

Logix XP-1 image

Logix XP-1 is the complete solution for insulated concrete form (ICF) walls with exposed concrete. It’s self-aligning and forgiving, and the 10 available wall thickness configurations permit the seamless integration of XP-1 walls with a wide variety of regular ICF and conventional concrete wall thicknesses. The reusable 4’ x 8’ plywood sheets minimize the number of seams and create a secure auto-offset. Plus, fool-proof and code-compliant rebar coverage is designed right into the XP-1 system.

Click here to learn more about Logix XP-1.
View/download the Logix XP-1 Brochure.
View/download the Wall Thicknesses & Drill Chart.

Exciting New Features Added to ICF Pro-Link!

ICF Pro-Link logoDue to its growing popularity, ICF Pro-Link is going to the next level!


ICF Pro-Link now identifies ICF professionals who cover ENTIRE states and provinces.

ICF-experienced installers, architects and engineers registered on ICF Pro-Link are identified by pins related to their geographic location on the ICF Pro-Link section of the LogixICF.com homepage. Some ICF professionals, however, conduct work across an entire state/province, in multiple states/provinces, or even across the entire country.

Now, ICF Pro-Link shows all of these variations, when applicable, which greatly enhances the exposure ICF professionals registered on ICF Pro-Link receive!

ICF Pro-Link now has its own website.

ICF Pro-Link has been prominently featured on the new LogixICF.com website for some time, but due to its overwhelming growth and success, ICF Pro-Link now has its own website. Check it out at www.ICFProLink.com!

This means that ICF Pro-Link is getting double the advertising and promotion — on its own with its new website, and as a feature on the LogixICF.com website. This double exposure is going to drive more leads for ICF business, and it’s going to give even more promotion to the ICF professionals registered on ICF Pro-Link.

So, if you’re an ICF-experienced installer, architect, designer or engineer and you’re not already registered on ICF Pro-Link, CLICK HERE NOW to start promoting your ICF business and getting more targeted leads!


Logix Project Profile: The Award-Winning Shelving Rock Home

This phenomenal home constructed with Logix Pro insulated concrete forms and Logix Pro Buck™ for all window and door openings was built by Andy Ellis of Halfmoon Construction Company and won Best Large Residential Project of the Year at the both the 2017 ICF Builder Awards AND the 2017 Logix Awards!

This unique residence is the convergence of Net-Zero and Universal Design doctrines.

View/download the project profile.
View/download the full Shelving Rock Home article.

The Shelving Rock Home

The Shelving Rock Home – Glenville, NY