Get ready for the ICF Summit 2017 at World of Concrete!

World of Concrete logoThe ICF Summit will again be featured at the 2017 World of Concrete Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, January 17 to 20. The annual ICF Summit is presented by two ICF industry associations — the Insulating Concrete Forms Manufacturers Association (ICFMA), formerly the Council of ICF Industries (CICFI), of which Logix ICF is a Primary and Founding Member, and the ICF Builder Group.

ICFBG logoICFMA logoThe ICF Summit is a series of “hot topic” interactive seminars, each featuring presentations by some of the most ICF-experienced installers and construction professionals in North America. It’s a great forum for ICF rookies and veterans alike to learn more about ICFs from those who have “been there and done that”.

This year, the 2017 ICF Summit at WOC is offering three new presentations January 17 to 19: ‘Introduction to ICFs’, ‘The Complete ICF Solution for Disaster Resilience’, and ‘Building High Performance Mid-Rise Buildings with ICFs’

Click here to register for any or all of these ICF Summit presentations. Be sure to select “Association & Industry Training” on the Options page to view the course offerings. You can register for a single 90-minute presentation of your choosing for just $90, or you can purchase the 2-Day Basic Package OR the 2-Day Advanced Package for only $160 and save $20!

View/download the 2017 ICF Summit Program Outline
Learn more about the ICFMA.

Logix ICF featured in new season of ‘This Old House’ on PBS!

Arlington Arts & Crafts HouseThis Old House TV returns to PBS this fall for Season 37 to follow a young family as they tackle a major renovation of a diamond in the rough — an Arts and Crafts–style gem in a historic Boston suburb.

Many innovative building techniques will be highlighted in the renovations, including a 3-story addition featuring a Logix Insulated Concrete Forms foundation with precast stairs!

Be sure to tune in to This Old House on PBS, Thursday, October 20, 2016 at 8:00 pm EST as they feature the laying of the Logix ICF foundation for the Arlington Arts & Crafts project.

Arlington Arts & Crafts House additionClick here to read about this episode.

Learn more about the Arlington Arts & Crafts project.

‘Build with Strength’ coalition launches Investors and Developers Advisory Council

Build With Strength logoBreaking news from “Build with Strength”, a coalition of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association in their efforts to improve communication and collaboration between the concrete industry, and both investment and development communities.

The council will serve as investment and development advisers to fellow Build with Strength coalition members such as architects, builders, engineers, policy makers, and emergency services professionals who work together to raise awareness about the benefits of concrete construction.

“The marketplace is littered with misconceptions about concrete and what it means for an investors’ bottom line,” says Jack Holland, the Council’s inaugural co-chairman.

Read the full press release.

Learn more about the Build With Strength coalition.

ICF-Experienced Installers, Architects, Designers & Engineers – CLICK HERE FOR MORE ICF BUSINESS!

ICF Pro-Link logoDid you know that over 100 Million Square Feet of Logix ICF has been installed to date?

Logix is thrilled to announce the launch of ICF Pro-Link By Logix—a directory of ICF professionals that matches incoming jobs with local ICF professionals.


The Logix organization—with it’s network of literally hundreds of stocking distributors and over 25 dedicated full-time technical and sales personnel—generates THOUSANDS of qualified ICF leads every year that need to be connected to ICF-experienced installers, architects, designers and engineers.

When you register with ICF Pro-Link By Logix, you’ll get free promotion and the inside track on QUALIFIED LOCAL ICF LEADS.


ICF Pro-Link collage



Logix Pro Buck™ – Proven thermal performance!

The thermal images below show the incredible insulation properties of the Logix Pro Buck™.

As you can see, Pro Buck™ maintains virtually the same temperature as the adjacent high performance Logix wall, creating superior thermal stability!

pro buck image 1

Window 75.4° with heat coming in from outside

Learn more about the Logix Pro Buck™ today!

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pro buck image 2

Logix wall 69.3°

pro buck image 3

Pro Buck™ 68.9°