Logix Pro Buck™ – Proven thermal performance!

The thermal images below show the incredible insulation properties of the Logix Pro Buck™.

As you can see, Pro Buck™ maintains virtually the same temperature as the adjacent high performance Logix wall, creating superior thermal stability!

pro buck image 1

Window 75.4° with heat coming in from outside

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pro buck image 2

Logix wall 69.3°

pro buck image 3

Pro Buck™ 68.9°

Logix Pro Buck™ passes cold weather test!

Outperforms the competition

Recently we conducted an experiment by leaving outside overnight at a temperature of -7°C/19°F a piece of Logix Pro Buck and a piece of competitor buck. They were both then brought inside and immediately had #8 screws drilled into them.

Logix Pro Buck picAs you can see from the image below, the webs of the Logix Pro Buck didn’t break and maintained their high performance integrity and functionality despite being subjected to cold weather for almost 12 hours. A competitor’s buck, on the other hand, coupled and cracked under the same conditions, making it unusable.

Well-accepted by builders and installers, Logix Pro Buck provides solid fastening surfaces for interior and exterior finishes as well as solid anchoring to concrete for window and doors even in cold winter weather.

Logix Pro Buck – the complete solution for ICF wall openings in any type of weather!

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