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The Logix One Minute Engineer App – A Unique Resource!

We  continue our series of  Logix ICF Software Support and Solutions with a “One of a Kind”  resource available only at Logix ICF:  the Logix One Minute Engineer App!

Building with ICF’s is pretty straightforward but there are some unique “tricks to the trade” that have to be mastered – and to address this need Logix has developed it’s industry leading suite of supporting solutions and software packages.

One very important challenge facing builders is to acquire an understanding and comfort level with the engineering side of ICF construction. Ironically, many ICF brands provide minimal engineering guidance and often leave it to the builders themselves to sort out the engineering issues with 3rd party engineers and local building officials.

Logix has taken a different and more proactive path. First, Logix created a complete set of stamped and engineer-approved prescriptive engineering tables for Logix construction. Then, to make our engineering even more user-friendly, Logix introduced the Logix One Minute Engineer – the ICF industry’s first interactive engineering software package.

READ ON to enjoy the benefits of the Logix One Minute Engineer App – our latest and most innovative software solution that takes our engineering support to the very highest level.

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With the Logix One Minute Engineer App builders can solve engineering problems and confirm engineering designs right on the jobsite! Now Logix builders can determine and confirm rebar placements, lintel designs and many other engineering issues anywhere, anytime with a few simple keystrokes on a mobile device. The engineering solutions created  by the Logix One Minute Engineer App are engineer-stamped for Logix construction only and only will be accepted by building officials across North America for Logix projects.

No other ICF brand offers this level of engineering support.

The Logix One Minute Engineer App is available free of charge for both Android and IOS mobile devices. The download links for the Logix One Minute Engineer App are at the bottom of the Logix Solutions & Software webpage. Click here to access this webpage.

Logix’s unique ICF product offering goes beyond unsurpassed performance. We also offer a level of dealer and builder support unmatched in North America.

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