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Q&A with Conrad Hoeppner: A Satisfied XtraComfort Home Owner

How would you rate the construction process of your new Logix XtraComfort home?  I built most of it myself with help from family.  My teenage children helped to stack blocks and pour concrete, so I would rate the construction as very enjoyable.

Which Logix ICF series was your house built with? Pro

Why did you decide to build with ICFs in the first place? Durability and Energy Efficiency.  Durability for me is a more important factor.  It’s very satisfying to know my walls are a solid construction containing no moisture sensitive materials.  They
will never be subject to rot and their performance will never deteriorate.

Winnipeg is notorious for being cold in the winter months. How is your Logix ICF house performing under winter conditions? How often are you heating the house, and what method of heating are you using?  Yes, Winnipeg can get very cold.  I have a small wood burning fireplace, one of the smallest I could find in the market, which is rated as a heat source for up to 1500 sqft.  At temps in the -20s the fireplace will heat my entire house of 4145 sqft (upstairs & down).  In addition to the fireplace I have an electric furnace which serves to circulate the air and provide heat on the colder days when the fireplace is not in use.

How does this compare to your previous house? Our previous home was 10 years old with similar prairie exposure, fewer windows, and built to modern stick frame standards with an ICF basement.  It had a gas furnace which would run almost continuously on the coldest days.  We were heating 2800 sqft.

How do your energy bills compare to those of your previous house? We receive only one bill now for hydroelectric power which runs everything in the house, (hot water, lights, appliances, furnace, air conditioner).  Our bill is equal to our previously combined bills for hydro and gas.  Result – same operating costs for house 50% larger with more appliances and more fixtures.

Is there anything else you would like to comment on regarding your new Logix XtraComfort Home? It’s absolutely the most comfortable home I have ever owned.  Our family feels warm and safe in our home.  We are never worried about seasonal storms, in fact it’s so quiet inside the storms are hardly noticeable. We’ve had none of the cracking and shifting that are noticeable in stick framed houses. I know that maintenance will never be an issue.   If I build again it will be with Logix!!


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