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Safe Room or Safe House?

Building in a Tornado or Hurricane Alley is a bit like playing Russian Roulette. What are the chances of your home getting hit? Is it cheaper to buy insurance or try to fortify the house? Or do we build a safe room and surrender the rest of the house to Dorothy and Toto?

The LOGIX home that protected John and his family from hurricane Sandy.

The LOGIX home that protected John and his family from hurricane Sandy.

The decision doesn’t have to be so complicated. If you have already chosen a Logix XtraComfortTM Homes for the benefits of energy savings, sound proofing and half a dozen other good reasons, the incremental difference to build a complete safe house is well within reach.

Solid reinforced concrete walls already provide the structural integrity and the anchoring of the walls to the foundation. The final step to stabilize the walls and protect the top is to add a concrete roof. Houses built with this 6 sided concrete shell design have performed well for over 50 years in the tough conditions in the Pacific Islands, withstanding F5 force tornadoes, typhoons, and even a Richter 8.1 earthquake. With a bit of additional engineering, such as a thickened slab and additional rebar connecting the concrete walls, floor and ceiling, the LOGIX ICF house can provide protection for the worst of storms.

What about design? The sky’s the limit!  You can always build another frame roof over the top, but why not enjoy the benefits of the concrete? The roof can be sloped and even be stamped and stained to resemble a tile roof. It can also take on the look of adobe with parapet walls.

Another option is to put a concrete cap on just one section of the house. For example, you might select a media room with a small kitchenette and a bathroom. Using ICF for the surrounding interior walls and ceiling not only provides soundproofing, but can also be engineered to create a safe-room for tornados and hurricanes. The ICF for the remainder of the house provides an added level of protection for moderate to severe storms.

The best insurance to protect against natural disasters is strong bones. Build them now. Enjoy them for life.

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