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Upgrade to a LOGIX XtraComfort Home and enjoy a greener, stronger and more comfortable living. A home that meets tomorrow’s standard for energy efficiency, today.

LOGIX is the leading Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) system in North America and helps you create an airtight building envelope today for the quality of thermal performance that will be expected tomorrow. LOGIX has the power and backing of five ICF manufacturers who operate molding plants across North America. Our commitment to product quality and continual innovation is backed up by over 90 years of ICF manufacturing experience and a team of seasoned LOGIX technical sales and support staff that is stationed across the continent.

We help people to live, work and play in green, healthy and energy efficient LOGIX XtraComfort Homes and LOGIX High Performance Commercial Buildings.

LOGIX is the Smarter, Faster and Stronger Technology.

There are three ways to build homes with LOGIX:

1.       LOGIX XtraComfort Basements:

Choosing to upgrade to a LOGIX XtraComfort basement will give you a greener, more comfortable home with a basement that will be tomorrow’s standard for energy efficiency.

2.       LOGIX XtraComfort Homes:

Today’s super efficient LOGIX XtraComfort Homes routinely cut energy bills in half and can achieve HERS scores of 40, which means they are outperforming existing building codes by 60%.

3.       LOGIX Net-Zero Ready Homes:

The next wave of green buildings will be net-zero buildings that actually sell energy back to the grid instead of buying it. Combined with cost-effective renewable energy generation and complimented with net-zero detailing, LOGIX is the solution for building commercially viable net-zero homes.

To find out more, please visit our corporate website: