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University of Ontario residence hall one of the largest LEED buildings in Canada

A student residence in Oshawa built for the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (Canada’s fastest growing University) has been evaluated by the CaGBC for LEED Platinum certification. Upon successful evaluation, the 270,000 square foot building is one of the largest LEED Platinum certified buildings in Canada, creating a unique green community for students.

The building is built with a LOGIX insulated concrete forms system. The foam insulation in the Logix Platinum Series walls is provided by Neopor, patented by BASF in 1995. Used extensively in Europe and Asia for many years, Neopor is quickly gaining market acceptance in North America.

The unique concrete core of the LOGIX ICF forms a wall which is virtually air tight. Penetrations in the wall, such as windows, doors or utility service pipes are clearly identifiable and can be sealed for air tightness as well. This creates a building that is effectively insulated, in addition to other energy efficient features.

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