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We’re At The International Builders’ Show And We Look Forward To Seeing You There! 2014-01-30T19:46:25+00:00

The International Builders’ Show is being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from February 4th to 6th. Our Logix booth is # S1626 in South Hall. Please drop by a for visit – we have lots to show you!

Here is a sneak preview of some Logix highlights at the IBS:

#1 – We are launching the incredible new all-foam  Gorilla Buck system.  You have to see this new system to really appreciate all the time saving features built into it!

#2 – No one has a built-in interior drainage layer except for Logix – check out the Logix D-Rv display!

#3 – Meet Al Peterson – Al has just joined Logix as our Director Of Commercial Solutions. AL is a commercial and tall wall ICF construction specialist with in-depth knowledge of the unique Uniscaffold Tall Wall Bracing system.  Al will be a constant presence at our booth to provide advice and add value to your commercial or multi-family projects.

#4 – Why were almost 100 Mid-Rise Multi-Family buildings built with ICF’s in a single city over the last decade? Simply because ICF’s are the proven and better way to build high performance  mid-rise multi-family buildings. Logix was used to build many of these projects  – view our IBS slide presentation to find out why!

#5 – Absolutely no one has an app that enables you to create engineering, rebar and lintel solutions on the jobsite – except for Logix! Test drive our brand new Logix One Minute Engineering App!