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Smart Tips For Building Your Dream Home – Why Continuous Insulation Matters (a lot!)

In this issue we are talking about the “strong bones” of Continuous Insulation.

Most homes don’t have continuous insulation. In fact, in the walls of most homes,
including those in most of the new homes being built today, batts of fibrous
insulation are stuffed between the wall studs which are often made with wood and are often spaced about 24” apart in the wall.

Walls built this way are “weak bones” in my opinion.

The wood studs – which make up almost 12% of the surface area of these walls – have minimal insulating power so heat and cold travel can travel virtually
unhindered through 12% of your total wall area each and every day.

And more there’s more bad news – there will inevitably be gaps between the studs and the batts of insulation, and the batts will settle over time creating even more gaps – and heat and cold will infiltrate these gaps and travel right into the
heart of your home.

Your dream home should have the “strong bones” of continuous insulation –glorious thick panels of rigid foam insulation unbroken by studs or gaps. Nowhere and no-how for heat or cold drafts to slip through unhindered into your family’s hearth.

There are many ways to incorporate the strong bones of continuous insulation into your dream home. Just make sure your builder and designer are aware that continuous insulation is one of your non-negotiable “needs” and not just a “want”.

One easy and effective way to ensure you have continuous insulation is to Think with Logix. Logix ICF’s will provide you and your loved ones with the comfort of
continuous insulation from your basement right to up to your roof line.

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